PolarisBiosEditor v1.6.7

PolarisBiosEditor v1.6.7

PolarisBiosEditor v1.6.7

توجه: باید موارد SecureBoot / Activate CSM از روی بایوس غیر فعال کنید.

Motherboard UEFI because the modification will make

the cryptographic signature invalid.

If you don’t trust the EXE just build on Linux with sh build.sh. Quick and easy.



Report: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/da96cd604093c686e8b1488726ae10a43a550aea5aaba0c0f308183b86f340f3/analysis/1505395469

0/58. If your AV warns you about a virus/trojan, consider it as false positive.

Fork from lojkinKot

works on linux with mono, executable is build against .net 3.5

one click timing feature should be used with care, it maybe not stable for you

please build the executable yourself or decompile the existing one if you don’t trust



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